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Make Use of the Rain

Make the most of the natural rainwater that falls on your property; use it for showers, irrigation, stock watering or even as potable drinking water. Reduce your reliance on the grid and become self-sustainable. At Toowoomba Plastics our rainwater tanks are constructed using computer controlled equipment and undergo our quality control measures, so you can be assured they’ll be fit for purpose and last the test of time! Order yours today and get free delivery up to 120km in the Toowoomba region — including the Toowoomba area, Warwick and Lockyer Valley.

Our Rainwater Polytanks

When you purchase from us, your polytank will be of one-piece construction—no vertical side seams means no weak spots! Our tanks also feature:

Each tank is moulded from polyethylene that’s compliant with the Australian Standards for food contact (AS2070) and potable water storage (AS4020).

Green Rainwater Tanks in Toowoomba City, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

Polyethylene is a tough and durable plastic, which makes it an ideal choice for rainwater tanks. It can handle the weight of water above it and is also UV-resistant.

AS4020 is a standard that covers the installation of rainwater tanks, along with ridge and gutter systems. It was developed by Standards Australia to ensure all components are safe and secure.

The colour of your water tank isn’t important as long as it’s covered against UV damage. If your tank is painted, the paint will only weather over time and reveal the original colour of the polyethylene.

The method you use to connect your rainwater harvesting system will depend on the size of your tank and how much water it holds. You may need to consult a professional plumber for the best and safest connection method

A potable water tank is used to store drinking water from the public mains or from your own rainwater harvesting system. Potable tanks are usually made from high-quality polyethylene for increased durability and reduced risk of contamination. Check to ensure that the tanks is manufactured to the relevant Australian Standards and is installed correctly.

A water tank is any container used to store liquids such as rainwater or groundwater. A rainwater harvesting system uses specialised components including the tank and pumps to collect and distribute harvested rainwater for use around your property—whether that’s for bathing, irrigation or other uses.