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Storage tank and water pump in Toowoomba, QLD

Distribute Your Harvested Water

If you’ve been harvesting rainwater using storage tanks, you’ll need to distribute it to different parts of your property for use. Showering, drinking, irrigation—to make use of your rainwater you’ll need a series of pipes, fittings and pumps. At Toowoomba Plastics, we supply a range of water pumps that’ll handle the job with ease!

Our Water Pumps

When choosing a water pump there’s a few key things you’ll need to know including:

If you require help to match the right pump to your needs, we’re just a phone call away.

HSJ750 water pump in Toowoomba QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

A water pump spins a rotating device that pushes the water into pipes connected to taps. The force of the water moving through these pipes is determined by system design and the elevation of your tank.

A water pump is optional for a rainwater harvesting system. A pump makes it easier to access your harvested rainwater, but you could also use a manual method if necessary.

Your water pump should be powerful enough to push your harvested rainwater from the tank and into your home’s plumbing system.