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Take Control of Your Water Supply in Gatton

Are you able to access town water? If you can’t, we’ve got the solution! If you can, well there’s nothing preventing you from jumping on board with rainwater harvesting too! That’s right—for our friends over in Gatton, we couldn’t recommend the benefits of collecting and re-using your own rainwater enough. Whilst you definitely don’t live in a wet area, there’s more than enough rainfall year-on-year to make the process an investment worth pursuing. Fill your tank to the brim during the summer months of December through February, then sit back and watch your work pay off during the drier months.

To get started, or to upgrade an existing system, choose Toowoomba Plastics. We’ll use our professional—and local—expertise to set you up with the right equipment. We supply a range of rainwater tanks, pumps and accessories for your property. Feel free to place an order online if you know exactly what you’re after. Alternatively, call us on (07) 4638 2766 for help. Deliveries to Gatton are all free of charge.

Locally Manufactured Tanks Delivered To Gatton

Choose Toowoomba Plastics for your rainwater harvesting and storage set-up. After all, you’ll be getting your hands on premium equipment at an affordable price and supporting local manufacturing at the same time! We offer:

And more! Each of our products are tested to the relevant Australian Standards.

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Large Rainwater Tank

What Size Tank Do I Need?

When it comes to rainwater harvesting, determining the appropriate size of tank for your property is an important decision. The size of tank you need will depend on a variety of factors, including the amount of rainfall in your area, the number of people in your household and the intended use of the collected water.

If you plan on using the water solely for gardening and outdoor use, a smaller tank may suffice. However, if you also plan on using it for indoor use, such as flushing toilets or washing clothes, a larger tank will be necessary to accommodate those additional uses.

A larger tank means more water storage capacity, which is especially useful during dry periods. It’s always best to have a little more storage capacity than you think you’ll need, rather than not enough.

To determine the ideal tank size for your needs, its best to consult with a professional or a local expert in rainwater harvesting. They will consider all the factors and help you to find the right tank size based on your specific needs and situation. Toowoomba Plastics are the rainwater tank experts in Gatton. We offer a wide range of tanks in different sizes, from small tanks that hold up to 220 gallons of water, all the way up to large tanks that can store over 5,000 gallons of water.

Water Tank Costs

Rainwater harvesting is not only an environmentally friendly solution, but it also helps you save money on your water bills. However, as with any investment, it is important to understand the costs associated with installing a rainwater harvesting system.

The cost of a water tank can vary depending on several factors:

Four-Column Rainwater Tank
Pipe Directed To A Rainwater Tank

Benefits Of Water Tanks in Lockyer Valley

Installing a rainwater tank on your Lockyer Valley property has many benefits including:

To find out more, call Toowoomba Plastics today!

Water Tanks Used to Supply All Water Needs

All over the world, rainwater tanks are providing households with an independent, sustainable and cost-effective source of water. Rainwater tanks can be used for a variety of household purposes, including:

The quality of the stored rainwater depends on its source however it can easily be filtered for safety before use if drinking water is required. As such, rainwater tanks represent a good way of ensuring access to clean and reliable water supplies. For any enquiries about rainwater tanks or accessories, get in touch with the friendly team at Toowoomba Plastics today.

Two Green Rainwater Tanks

Our Water Tank Products & Accessories

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Rainwater Tanks

Get started with rainwater harvesting in Gatton. Choose from our range of moulded polytanks. Available from 1k – 25k litres of storage capacity, we have exactly what you need!

60L Round Water Tank

Automotive Tanks

Don’t get caught without access to potable water when driving. Our under tray water tanks can carry up to 200 litres for drinking, washing and whatever else you need. Available in Gatton.

Rain Water Tank and Tank Fitting Accessories

Tank Accessories

For a range of tank covers, leaf strainers and gauges in Gatton; head to our accessories page. Collecting rainwater is one thing but maintaining water quality and knowing when you’re low is another altogether.

HCM4-60 Water pump in Toowoomba

Water Pumps

It’s fine having a rainwater tank, but if you can’t use the water, what use is it? Check out our latest range of pumps available in Gatton—perfect for enabling irrigation, showers and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Australia is highly dependent on its ground and surface water supplies, but these are under constant threat due to climate change and other issues. Investing in a rainwater harvesting system will help you reduce your reliance on city or town water.

It depends on the elevation of your tank and the distance to your home’s plumbing. A low-pressure pump will be able to draw water from any height, while a high-pressure pump is best suited to lower elevations.

Yes. Rainwater harvesting systems can be used to supply clean water for general outdoor irrigation, as well as for specific purposes such as fruit and vegetable gardening. Many systems can also be used for supplying the home with water for bathing, washing and even drinking.