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Free Delivery Of Rain Water Tanks In Warwick

Are you living on a property where it’s difficult to connect to town water? Need an alternative that’ll keep you going year-round? For our local Warwick residents and farmers, we recommend rainwater harvesting. With enough rain to make investing in the necessary equipment a real proposition—particularly when summer comes between December to February—there’s no better time to get started! What’s more, when the dryer months are upon us, and the restrictions that often go with them, you’ll be happy to have your very own supply.

Get on-board with rainwater re-use today! At Toowoomba Plastics, our experienced team can help with your set-up. We supply a range of rainwater tanks and accessories and the right advice to go along with it. Call us today on (07) 4638 2766 for assistance or better yet—place your order online. Deliveries to your location in Warwick will be free of charge.

Locally Manufactured Water Tanks

When you choose Toowoomba Plastics to supply your rainwater harvesting and storage gear, you’ll be directly supporting local manufacturing. Our products are tested for compliance against the relevant Australian Standards including:

And more! Place an order with us today for fast and free delivery to Warwick.


Our Rainwater Tank Accessories

rainwater tanks

Rainwater Tanks

Safely harvest and store rainwater in Warwick with our range of polytanks that are manufactured to Australian Standards. No vertical side seams, no internal poles—just one-piece!

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Automotive Tanks

Set up your 4wd, ute, truck or trailer with one of our under tray water tanks. Our tanks are available in Warwick and carry up to 200 litres—perfect for when you’re driving off-road.


Tank Accessories

Fit your rainwater tank out with our latest accessories available in Warwick. We have leaf strainers and tank covers to protect your water quality and gauges to show what’s left.


Water Pumps

For water pumps that go about their business quietly, check out our latest selection available in Warwick. Combine with your water tank to facilitate irrigation, household water use and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

A well-chosen rainwater harvesting system—including the right tank, pump and piping—is already a sustainable choice. However, you can make it even more so by using renewable energy sources to power your pump.

There are many different types of tanks that can be used for rainfall harvesting, including plastic tanks, polyethylene tanks, galvanised tanks and iron tanks. Polyethylene tanks are increasingly popular because of their low cost and durability.

The lifespan of rainwater harvesting tanks varies depending on the material used and how well it’s cared for. Plastic and polyethylene tanks can last up to 20 years if installed and maintained properly. To ensure the tank that you’re looking to buy will last as long as you need it to check with the manufacturer before purchasing.