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Safeguard Your Rainwater Harvesting

Once you have a rainwater tank in place, the next thing to do is ensure it continues to work effectively, efficiently and over a long period of time. You’ll also want to avoid your potable water becoming contaminated from wildlife and debris, and to work out when the tank is running low—particularly important in the dry season, where top-ups might be required. To help with this, we supply a range of tank fittings at Toowoomba Plastics.

Our Tank Fittings

When you buy your tank fittings from us, you’ll be investing in the future of your rainwater harvesting efforts. Each of our accessories are designed to suit a variety of rainwater tanks including:

All accessories are made from high-quality materials with effectiveness and longevity in mind. We offer free delivery up to 120km in the Toowoomba region — including the Toowoomba area, Warwick and Lockyer Valley.

Rain Water Tank and Tank Fitting Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the challenges with rainwater tanks is that it’s hard to tell how full a tank is by looking at it. Water levels in a tank rise and fall over time as water use changes. The best way to keep track of your water levels is to invest in a high-quality gauge.

A screen cover prevents leaves, dirt and debris from entering your tank, as well as preventing animals such as possums from climbing inside.

A water tank leaf strainer works by catching leaves and other large pieces of debris before they reach the filter. This extends the service life of your filtration system, so it doesn’t have to be replaced as often.